Delegate, Delegate, Delegate: Why You Should Hire a Marketing Agency for Your Small Business

Every business needs a professional marketing strategy. The question is – do you come up with a DIY plan? Or do you hire an expert to craft a specialized campaign? As the owner of a digital marketing agency, my answer will always – obviously – be the latter. However, the basis behind the creation of my company lies within my passion to help businesses achieve desired brand recognition and sustain growth.

The jargon lovers out there are probably gripping tight to their CACs and closed loops and declaring “over my dead body are you taking my buzzwords.” But really sit down and think about the slang you use and how it might be affecting your business. It’s probably not adding any value to your operations while at the same time making you look like a know-it-all – not really the most endearing quality.

4 Ways to Stay Energized at Work (Without Caffeine)

Coffee: A rich, delicious, and bitter beverage that consistently remains a refreshment staple of most people’s days. “Coffee addicts” (aka any people with even the most moderate of responsibilities) use the caffeine within the drink to receive a welcomed jolt of energy to help them conquer the sluggish hours and continue chugging on through the day.